Freedom is my commitment to life. It is the most important value that moves me. I walk towards freedom knowing that absolute value does not exist and will never be achieved. My actions are free, it is only through them that I can achieve my own freedom. Freedom does not exist, there are only free actions from people that can eventually become free. The images I create are achieved through the symbolic framework that lies within them. I want to avoid representation, and thus I prefer to work with the iconography that the environment offers, because these images of icons synthesize the idiosyncrasy of the society of which I am a part of, the one that I make up and which makes me. Although I adverse representations, I know my photographic images are not exempt from this condition. They are representations and they work with representations, but they are also expressions of free actions. Through them I intend to declare freedom as a natural, political, and spiritual principle of life. There is an instant of absolute freedom. This is the artistic event: the performance. That microsecond and then the delicate consequences that erupt from reality. A simple gesture, small, yet doubtful, can transform everything. Reality can be delicate and terrible at the same time. “A crumb on your table would be enough”, says Rafael Cadenas, a venezuelan poet, about reality. The real is my raw material and my art object. This is why the art I make is adverse to death and dances with it. Risk is present, it is an honor. Scars are a symbol of my honor as an artist. Vulnerability is my strength. In every circumstance in which I was vulnerable, I reversed the situation to turn it into my strength. My heart is always racing, my chest open, my lungs are full and my gaze is conjugated. I actively participate in the venezuelan artistic scene and publish my work in the social media betting that others can have access to my images.